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Good Architecture is a mechanical expression of form and function in an artful way. In the many years I have been in this business I have found that most architects are either good mechanics or good artists but it is rare to find both qualities in one  designer.


General Contracting & Design

As to art, I have always been fascinated by the beauty found in nature and the quest to capture it on canvas. It has led me to understand that beauty has design and ultimately to the conviction that the wonders of creation could not be by mire chance but by the hand of a master craftsman. God is the ultimate architect and I find inspiration in all that He has done.

As to mechanics, I have been involved in all the residential construction trades. My earliest memories include job sites and working for Grandpa and Dad after school, weekends and summer vacations. Later I was a partner in a successful framing and foundation company that I helped run for over twenty years.

During that time I became interested in architecture. I enjoy the challenge of designing the form and function of a home, keeping in mind the restrictions of mechanics, the constraints and features of the lot and yet crafting it in such a way as to meet the desires of the owner, and expressing it in an artful and pleasing way.

My goal is to meet the desires of my clients by producing an artful blend of form and function. Hopefully you can see that endeavor in all my work.

Mike Lloyd


 From as far back as I can remember my interests were in art but with both my Grandfather and Father being contractors I was also involved in the mechanics of construction early on.