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Lloyd & Associates

Fee Schedule for New Residential & Commercial Design, Engineering and working drawings
Design - $2.00 per sq ft minimum. If the design time exceeds the footage price the design will continue on at $125.00 per hour
Includes research and development time, site development, floor plans, interior and exterior Elevations and Power plans.

Permits $125.00 per hour Includes one way drive time
Meetings $125.00 per hour Includes one way drive time

All variance applications, HOA, Art jury approvals, CDP, CPP processes are $125.00 per hr.

(Commercial design, meetings and permit time is $125.00 per hour)
Working Drawings - $2.50 per square foot. If the Working Drawing time exceeds the footage price the design will continue on at $125.00 per hour
Conceptual Landscape / Hardscape plans 75 cents per sq. ft. min. $125.00 per hour there after.
Interior Details and Three Dimensional rendering can be provided at $125.00 per hour.
Plans Include;
- General Construction Notes, Site plan, Foundation plan, Floor plans, Elevations, Power plans, Framing plans,  Roof plan, Sections, Detail sheets and Truss calcs.-

Does not include;
- Materials
- Grading plans or permits, Fire sprinkler plans or permits, Flag pole Plans, Coastal application or Discretionary permits, Geotechnical reports, Historical reports, Archaeological reports.
If these services are required they can be provided at additional cost.

- Meetings after 5:00 pm and weekends will be time and one half -

Estimates for Engineering (based on 3,000 sq. ft.)
- $6000.00 Structural engineering allowance
- $3000.00 Preliminary soils report
- $450.00 Energy engineering
A $500.00 retainer is customary (Non-refundable)

It is understood that all plans and designs are the intellectual property of Mike Lloyd AKA Lloyd & Associates and shall not be copied or sold without written permission from Lloyd & Associates. In the event that Lloyd & Associates is dismissed from the project for non performance and is paid in full for work on the project to date of dismissal the contract for use of designs and construction documents shall remain. If Lloyd & Associates suspends work due to non payment or unreasonable performance restrictions, this contract for designs and construction documents produced by Lloyd & Associates shall be void and a new contract shall be negotiated for the use of said designs. If no new contract is obtained the designs produced by Lloyd & Associates shall not be sold or used for submittal to building officials or for construction.

Mike Lloyd