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d) Kitchen
i) Will the kitchen typically be used for major meal preparation, or for quick, convenient meals?
ii) Will you eat most family meals here?
iii) Do you want a eating counter with stools?
iv) Which type of work area do you prefer island or peninsula?
v) Describe the types of appliances you want and where they should be located.
vi) What material should counters be?
vii) What material should floors be?
viii) What style, color, and configuration of cabinets do you want?
ix) Do you want a desk in or near the kitchen?
x) Will your family use an outdoor eating area off the kitchen?
xi) Do you want a walk-in pantry?
xii) Ceiling height / material
xiii) Do you want a breakfast nook?
xiv) Other kitchen requirements

e) Family room
i) Should the family room be open to kitchen?
ii) Will family's main TV/VCR/DVD be located here?
iii) Where should fireplace be located in relation to TV?
iv) Describe furniture planned for family room.
v) Need a wet bar?
vi) Ceiling height / material

f) Study or home office
i) Need one?
ii) Where should it be located?
iii) How will it be used?
iv) What built-ins will you need?
v) What special electrical or wiring needs?

g) Master suite
i) First or second floor?
ii) Want patio or deck access?
iii) Fireplace?
iv) Sitting area or retreat?
v) What furniture must it accommodate?
vi) Need adjacent exercise, hobby, office, or nursery area?
vii) Ceiling height / material

h) Closet requirements
i) Prefer closet access from bath, bedroom, or dressing area?
ii) Size
iii) Dressing area

i) Master Bath
i) Preferred sink/counter layout
ii) Shower for one or two?
iii) What style of tub?
iv) Other bath requirements

j) Secondary bedrooms
i) How many?
ii) Size
iii) Preferred bath arrangement
iv) Need shared play/study/living space

5) Miscellaneous notes


Lloyd and Associates
General Contracting

1) About the Owner
a) Family members/ages
b) Any special needs?
c) Where does your family spend the most time together?
d) Where does your family eat most
e) Does your family usually watch TV
together, or do you prefer separate TV
watching areas for parents and children?
f) How do you entertain?
g) How important are formal living areas to
h) How do you plan to use your yard?

2) Lot
a) Dimensions
b) Topography
c) Special features (views, water, trees,
adjacent property, other)
d ) Other requirements (views, driveway
access, other)

3) House -- General Requirements
a) Anticipated square footage (heated and
b) Preferred architectural style
c) How many levels?
d) If two-story, how many staircases and

e) Basement?
f) Preferred exterior materials/colors
g) Window style preferences
h) Door style preferences
i) How many parking spaces / garages?
j) Special garage requirements (location,
storage, hobby area, other)
k) Number/location of bedrooms
l) Number/location of baths
m) Special room requirements
n) In which rooms do you want fireplaces?
o) Preferred laundry location

4) Rooms -- Specific Requirements
a) Foyer
i) Size
ii) Style
iii) Ceiling height / material
b) Living room
i) Location
ii) Formal or informal?
iii) How will it be used?
iv) What furniture must it accommodate?
v) Special features
vi) Ceiling height / material

c) Dining room
i) Location
ii) Formal or informal?
iii) How will it be used?
iv) What furniture must it accommodate?
v) Special features
vi) Ceiling height / materials